The best international high schools in Tokyo Japan

Japan is one of the greatest industrial powers in the world and amongst the top three economies of the world. It is not surprising, therefore, that people from around the world come to Japan to work and live there. There is therefore a sizable ex-pat population in Japan on account of such people as well as the many diplomats who live there.

A lot of the ex-pats who live in the country can do so because of the large number of international schools in Tokyo and elsewhere. Quite a few of these are Japanese high schools providing education commensurate with the best schools in the world. Let us look at some of the best ones in Tokyo.

1. Global Indian International School
Part of the globally recognized GIIS group of schools with branches all over the world, GIIS Tokyo is very popular not just amongst the ex-pat Indian community, but several other communities from around the world. It has great infrastructure, amenities, and teaching staff that reflects in its truly noteworthy academic results. It offers some of the best international curricula including CBSE, IGCSE, and the IB program. Truly this international high school in Tokyo is an exceptional one.

2. Tokyo International School
This international school provides education in English according to the IB program. That this school is immensely popular with the ex-pat crowd is borne out by the fact that it boasts students from more than 55 nationalities. The international students comprise 95% of the student strength in this school. The Tokyo International School is a great place to learn to live in an atmosphere of cultural diversity.

3. United School of Tokyo
This school offers an education that is patterned in the American way. It also offers an international program. As is to be expected a majority of the students studying at this school are American ex-pat children. That apart, there are 30 plus nationalities represented amongst the students in the school, giving it a truly international character.

4. Axis International School
The Axis International School is another of the very highly regarded international schools in Tokyo that provides an international education. They provide a top-grade education to children aged 2 to 18 years that allows them to shape their future in the best possible manner. The medium of instruction is English and the fact that the teachers are native speakers of the language makes all the difference.

5. British School in Japan
The British School in Japan was founded in 1989 to provide British-style education in Japan. The school has grown to educate over 1000 students from more than sixty nationalities testifying to the immense popularity of the school amongst ex-pats. The reputation of the British School in Japan is therefore absolutely top grade.

6. Nishimachi International School
This school owes its origin to the efforts of some Tokyo mothers back in 1949 to provide a comprehensive kind of education where the use of English was at the forefront. Today the school boasts more than 400 students from as many as 30 countries. The school provides education till middle school after which most students are given a transfer to the American School in Japan or the Yokohama International School.

7. International School of the Sacred Heart
This catholic girls' school was founded in 1908 and today more than a century later it has over 500 students from 45 countries. The students are taught in English, with the locals being taught in Japanese. The school is noted for its large green campus and top-grade facilities. Receiving an education here is a life-altering experience and stays with the students for the rest of their lives empowering them to excel in whatever it is that they take up.

Japan is not only amongst the wealthiest nations in the world, it is also an ancient country with traditions and a culture that goes back many centuries. Living and growing up in that nation is a great experience and whoever has received an education there will vouch for that fact. It is not surprising that so many ex-pats prefer to live in Japan with their families as they are keen to get their children to live there, study there and benefit from that.

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